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NEO-OPTIC TEK is a green energy technology company, the company both have the characteristics of innovation, vitality and professional cability.  NEO-OPTIC TEK has developed High Concentration Photovoltaics(HCPV) module several years. In the HCPV module technology, sunlight is beamed from optics collectors, using lower cost materials and focusing a larger area of sunlight onto a smaller cell than that of in the traditional photovoltaic system, which converts the concentrated light directly into electricity. NEO-OPTIC TEK has developed the confocal parabolic reflective optics, that is 1000 times sunlight concentration, with the module DC efficiency as high as 30%. This clean technology is most suited for power plant, utility-grade, grid-connected, solar energy systems in medium to high solar irradiance climates.

LED aquarium light-COB series
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Water Resistant PVC enclosure/Collapsible and
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